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Secrets of Watch Repairs ~ Qualified Watch Repairer Beware! Copy Emporio Armani Watches 07 Sunday Dec 2014

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I regularly breitling-watch-price-guide-rid-60354238.html. buy rolex watches online singapore purchase designer watches on ebay most with the intention of refurbishing for resale. This the first copy Emporio Armani I have received although it was listed as a genuine. The pictures were not clear enough to make out model numbers but with eBay’s money back guarantee sonetimes you can take a chance on an inexperienced seller. This is the first copy i have received and as soon as i opened the package my instincts where telling me that something is not right.

Signs of a fake

1- Missing serial number: On the case back of the watch there should be a serial number that usually begins with 111. It is usually next to the model number in the case of this copy AR-1877. It is good idea when checking out a watch to put the model number into Google to see if the same watch comes up from a reputable source. This doesn’t prove that it is not genuine as a good copy could mimic the model. In the case of my copy as soon as put AR-1877 into the search engine it brought nothing back. If possible message the seller and ask for the model number and can always call the manufacturer to check it out.

2- The weight: A genuine Emporio Armani will weigh about 180 grams whereas a copy usually weighs 160-170 grams.

3- Errors: Sounds silly that if your trying to pass a watch off as genuine to have errors but they can be quite common. For example on my copy watch on the front of the watch on the dial it claims to have a water resistance of 100m but on the back of the watch it claims to have 50m. Well a copy watch would definitely not have that high of a resistancy and with most they don’t have any at all.

4- Most copys have a larger Emporio Armani logo on the back like this one did. The genuine ones are usually smaller and better quality logos.

The seller I brought this watch from is currently refusing to refund as she put no returns on the bid but the item was not sold as described. As she listed it as ‘mens armani watch’ and within further details she stated that is was a unwanted present in a good condition (i would argue the term good should be used very loosely). You have to sell as described and if a customer is telling you its not a genuine watch then you cant refuse a refund especially if you don’t have the paper work to back it up and dd not purchase from a reputable source.

As you can probably tell this is a recent issue!!!

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