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Fantastic Contraption was originally a building game made way back in 2008. Millions of people played it obsessively and saved over 12 million contraptions. You can still play it for free. For years we loved the idea of a 3d Fantastic Contraption but couldn't figure out how it would work. Then we tried the Vive. The new Fantastic Contraption has been designed from the ground up for room-scale VR. Imagine walking around a grassy island in the sky while you build a machine the size of a horse with your own hands. Press play and watch it trundle off to reach the goal on the other side of the island. With 40+ levels and infinite solutions, it's a VR experience you and your friends will play for hours. Fantastic Contraption will launch with the HTC Vive. Download screenshots and more at our presskit or contact us at

The wheel moves your contraption and brings it to life   The stick attaches everything together   A water stick can move through other objects   Bring the orb to the goal area in each level   BUY THE GAME

Commercial licenses (eg for arcades) available via Steam's "Cyber Cafe" Site Licensing Program for $60/month/seat, or in a discounted VR bundle with 8 games. (how to sign up)

NEWS Contraption Anti-Oppenheimer Update 1.6.0

12 January 2017, 7:23 pm

This is the last update we originally planned for the game, making 1.6.0 the final cherry on the Contraption sundae.

But why “Anti-Oppenheimer”? Because:

“Now I am become Editor, the creator of worlds”

Now you too can defy – nay, define – physics as the creator of your own Fantastic Contraption levels using the new built-in Level Editor. To get started, first put on the helmet to enter dark world, then look for a mask above a statue of a two-toed sloth. Don the mask to enter:

The Level Editor

As Andy Moore says in the video above, we think the level editor is a key piece to the Contraption experience. The original 2008 Flash game had 47 official levels, and half a million user-generated ones. Not only did player-made levels give the game more content, they let people come up with whole new ways of playing that we hadn’t even considered.

To be honest, the level editor’s practically a game in itself. Move aside TiltBrush, it’s time for art class with Mrs. Fox:

Next we’ll recreates a cartoonish prison stereotype using dynamic blocks (aka “moon cheese”):

The Sarahfox

Ring the bell to summon the Sarahfox, your tutorial guide to the Level Editor (voiced and acted by yours truly!). She’ll introduce the basic controls: grabbing, stretching, copying, and using the precision movement flowers.

We recorded the Sarahfox’s movement using a system we wrote into the game, so she can interact with pre-scripted objects and give a demonstration right front of you. It’s remarkable how much life a character can have in VR using only 3 points of motion capture data.

Switch the Dog

You’ll meet Button the Dog’s cousin Switch when you first arrive in the Level Editor. Use him to toggle between Build Scale (where it’s easier to reach the whole level) and Test Scale (where it’s easier to playtest). There are no functional differences between the two modes, so you can edit level pieces and build contraptions in both and it’s a cinch to test on the fly:

Contraption pieces will be saved along with the level terrain, so make sure to delete them when you’re done testing, unless you want to include them as a challenge or example to people who play your level. It’s also possible to save levels that don’t have a goal or are missing a goal ball. We recommend testing before you save!

If you save a level you made to any shelf on the save table, it will be published online. To delete your saved level or contraption, throw it into the Trashcan Frog’s mouth.

Lippy the Mouthmoth Keyboard

Grab Lippy or double-tap the trigger to call him down to you in the dark world. Move him over to the maquette minimap to name your contraption or level (if no name is set, a random one will be chosen when you publish online).

You can also move Lippy to the save table to filter it by contraption or level name. For example searching for “mi” will find things named Steep Mitten or Miserly Devil .

Infinite Levels

We’ve seeded the user-made levels with some we designed that didn’t make the official cut, or that we’ve been inspired to create since trying out the new editor (which is much easier to use than our old system!). To check them out, enter the dark world and set the save table’s mode lever (the one on the right) to Levels, then use the left lever to select Levels by Rating or Levels by Date.

Don’t forget you can favorite user-made levels (or contraptions) by giving them a kiss. This feeds into the online ranking for the Levels by Rating shelf.

Zumi the Moon Mouse

Zumi Mouse didn’t live in a house, he wanted to live on the moon!
As the world cat passed by, he rode up to the sky,
And round his head put a balloon.
He munched and he chewed, ’till the cheese moon was hewed,
And Zumi had plenty of holes he’d accrued.
But what a mistake – such a bad bellyache,
Zumi’s home is his favorite food!

Full Changelog

We don’t have any more major updates planned for Fantastic Contraption, though we’ll continue to maintain the game and support new hardware (the PS VR version is coming soon!). Radial Games and Northway Games will be moving on to new (and so far unannounced) things next.

New Level editor! To use it, first put on the helmet, then put on the creepy mask in the corner and ring the bell for a tutorial. User-made levels can be shared online and loaded via the save table just like contraptions. New Mouthmoth keyboard lets you name contraptions and levels, and search by contraption / level name Added interactive art elements to side of maquette and Kaiju scale Autohide the companion desktop menu and limit desktop display framerate Show purple building bounds if cheating detected during tutorial Hide black sphere during startup Improve look of pins on Neko’s head Adjust some sky characters Sky color variation Sounds for items including non-spinning green wheels and eyeballs Disable musical sounds if you’re holding an item Tweaked throw force for Kaiju scales Improved haptics Improved tutorial text font Optimized first person companion view smoothing Optimized avatar shadows Optimized Twitch panel memory usage Fixed some menus not updating when language changes Fixed models disappearing after you drop them on a save table shelf Fixed Button the Dog ghosting Fixed disappearing Neko eyes and ghosting Fixed obscure crash bug with some webcams Fixed cat skin modding Fixed sticky tutorial messages Fixed laserpointer positioning for Twitch/camera menu Fixed feedback form submission issues

Cheers and happy 2017 from the Fantastic Contraption team!

Contraption coming to PS VR!

15 December 2016, 9:23 pm

Our friend (and Rebuild 3 writer) Stephen Gray has joined Radial Games to work (among other things) on the PS VR version of Fantastic Contraption, due out in Spring 2017.

Kert Gartner used some wacky techniques to film this and our Oculus Rift trailer, and today he shared some of the cinema techniques he used to get shots you usually only see in movies or tailored cutscenes. He also filmed gameplay footage in 4k split screen so he could get 1st person and 3rd person shots with both the Oculus Touch and Playstation Move controllers all at the same time.

We shot both the Oculus & PSVR versions AT THE SAME TIME! @mrlinds Came up with the idea of rendering different controllers in each quad!

— Kert Gartner (@kertgartner) December 15, 2016

We’re working hard to bring the best experience possible to this console version and so far the results look great! Stay tuned for more news…

Contraption Oculus Touch release!

5 December 2016, 2:47 pm

Yes Oculus players, the wait is finally over! Touch controllers are available starting December 6th, and with them Fantastic Contraption is coming to Oculus!

We’ve sometimes been caught comparing the Oculus and Vive hand controllers, but one thing we definitely agree on is that grabbing stuff with your hands in VR feels amazing, and we wouldn’t want Fantastic Contraption played any other way. So we’re glad we waited!

You may also notice some teasers in the above video for the Fantastic Contraption level editor. We’re putting the finishing touches on it right now so you can expect to see it in an update soon.

For more news see the Northway Games development blog.

          Colin Northway is doing programming and design for Fantastic Contraption. He made the original Fantastic Contraption, Incredipede and Deep Under the Sky. He and Sarah Northway spent the last 5 years traveling the world while working on their games.

Kimberly Voll is our resident VR expert - she’s spent her career so far studying player cognition and game design, and specializes in UX, AI and gameplay. She’s got a PhD in computer science, and an honours degree in cognitive science, and has worked on too many games to list, including ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS. (She blogs at

Lindsay Jorgensen is doing art and design for Fantastic Contraption. He’s worked at Bioware, Radical Entertainment, Big Fish Games and joined Radial Games in 2014.

Gordon McGladdery aka A Shell in the Pit is doing sound and music. He is a vocal binaural and VR audio enthusiast whose past projects include Rogue Legacy (Cellar Door Games), Invisible Inc. (Klei Entertainment) and is the composer for the Youtube Channel Smarter Every Day.

Sarah Northway is working on programming for Fantastic Contraption. She's best known for her popular Rebuild series which she wrote while traveling the world!

Andy Moore started his game development career doing Community Management and Design for the original Fantastic Contraption, and has since founded Radial Games -- responsible for ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, Monster Loves You!, and SteamBirds. He's also a licensed commercial pilot and will talk your ear off about airplanes. (He blogs at


Best 5 Free Twitter Clients for Android Published by Ashutosh KS , in Social Media

Although Twitter’s official app has a lot of features, it misses some innovative ones like scheduling tweets, muting tweets or users, multiple color themes, etc. This is where unofficial Twitter clients come in to fill in the gaps.

In this post, we’re going to showcase 9 free, feature-packed Twitter clients for the Android platform. These Twitter’s mobile clients will allow you to enjoy your favorite social networking platform on the go.

80 Twitter Tools for Almost Everything 80 Twitter Tools for Almost Everything Twitter is chaos, but in the midst of this beautiful mess is a ton of data that if… Read more

These clients offer more features than the Twitter’s official client for Android and enhances your Twitter experience on small screens. But first, let’s take a look at what the other Twitter clients are up against: the official Twitter app itself.

Best 5 Twitter Clients Twitter

Twitter, the official mobile client of Twitter, brings the very same features as offered by its web application . With the official client, you can stay updated with the global news and tweets from your friends and followings.

The app also tells what’s trending around and allows you to share images & videos, emojis, GIFs and Vines with your followers. Moreover, you can send direct messages, reply to tweets, retweet and follow lists of your interest.

What’s hot

Lets you share various types of media. Allows sharing tweets using other apps. Guarantees better privacy than any third-party clients.

What’s not

Twiiter, in spite of being the official client, lacks on various features offered by other Twitter’s mobile clients. For example, it doesn’t offer scheduling tweets, muting unwanted tweets or user accounts, multiple skins and many more.


TweetCaster consists of an intuitive interface, making Twitter easier to use on mobile. Heavily praised for its advanced functionality, this app lets you receive background notifications for new tweets, mentions and direct messages.

You can also add cool filters and effects to your photos before posting them on Twitter. TweetCaster also provides daily statistics on your Twitter account.

What’s hot

Offers scheduling tweets. Lets you mute tweets and user accounts. Allows management of multiple Twitter accounts. Support for widgets on home or lock screens.

What’s not

TweetCaster lacks a few usability features . For example, the app doesn’t have day and night color modes, or a media view for all Twitter feeds.


Echofon is a super-fast Twitter client with a clean and simple interface. The app syncs all your tweets efficiently across all your Android devices and sends instant notifications for mentions & direct messages.

The app offers a full-featured dashboard widget that displays your timeline of tweets. It allows you sending/reading direct messages, mentions, tweets & retweets, lists and favorites, and even (inline) images as well.

What’s hot

Light and dark color themes. Support for almost every Twitter task/activity. Mute unwanted tweets and user accounts. Quick-switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

What’s not

Echofon doesn’t allows scheduling tweets and doesn’t offer a very modern (and material) user interface as offered by few of its competitors.


Plume is a customizable Twitter client that offers a timeline with multi-colored choices. The app includes scrollable widgets, allowing you to add your Twitter timeline to your home or lock screen. Plume adds an inline image preview in your timeline like Echofon.

This client also supports auto-completion of usernames and hashtags for quicker searches. Along with profiles, replies and direct messages, it also lets you view trends, lists and favorites.

What’s hot

An almost complete client. Lets you geotag your Twitter friends. Supports managing multiple Twitter accounts. Allows muting tweets from users or applications.

What’s not

Plume, though a very useful client, misses few advanced features and doesn’t have a very fluid user interface. For example, tracking your tweets’ performance analytics, scheduling tweets in future, dual skins for day and night modes, etc.


HootSuite is a powerful Twitter app, allowing you to publish, watch, and monitor tweets and even track their analytics. The app lets you publish a status to Twitter and other social networks at once like Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc. from a single app.

You can carry out everything you need to do on Twitter: tweet, reply, send direct messages, list and favorite tweets. A useful social network management tool to improve your social productivity.

What’s hot

Allows managing multiple social networks. Supports scheduling posts and status updates. Offers support for almost all the Twitter tasks/activities. Lets you manage & switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

What’s not

HootSuite, although very near to being perfect, misses some features required by various users. For instance, multiple skins for day and night, homescreen & lockscreen widgets for easy access to tweets, muting/blocking tweets or accounts, etc.

Honorable Mentions Twidere

Twidere brings a clean, material design interface with multiple theme colors. You can view own timeline, direct messages, your lists, any user’s profile, followers as well as followings. Its tabs are fully customizable and present direct messages in conversational style.

The app lets you preview images directly in your timeline like Echofon or Plume, and even allows browsing geolocations using its built-in map viewer.

What’s hot

Offers dual color modes for day and night. Allows muting unwanted tweets and users. Supports switching between multiple accounts. Offers a media grid view for seeing all your media.

What’s not

Twidere, same as few other top competitors, lacks few advanced features such as option to schedule tweets, tweets’ performance statistics and useful widgets.

Tinfoil for Twitter

Tinfoil for Twitter is a Twitter mobile site replica that brings the complete Twitter packed inside an app. The app has got a minimal interface that’s heavily inspired from Twitter . It lets you view your tweets, mentions, lists, direct messages and Twitter timeline, of course.

Tinfoil shows instant notifications for replies, direct messages and new followers as well. The app also lets you search for users and discovering hashtags and trends.

What’s hot

It’s a complete Twitter client. Supports geotags and geolocations. Brings the known & friendly Twitter interface.

What’s not

Tinfoil for Twitter is just an application wrapper around the Twitter’s mobile website, hence it’s not as resource-efficient as other native clients like Echofon or HootSuite. This app also lacks advanced features like scheduling tweets, multiple skins, etc.


UberSocial is a popular Twitter client that lets you follow tweets, users and hashtags on your favorite social network. It lets you customize the menus and view tweets in a conversational style, making things much easier and natural.

The app allows viewing & posting tweets, images and videos, and even lets you send tweets of more than 140 characters using It previews images directly and offers multiple color schemes to enhance the experience.

What’s hot

Supports multiple Twitter accounts. Offers forming ‘ Inner Circle ‘ of your BFFs. Allows muting unwanted hashtags and annoying users. Lets you post update status directly on Facebook.

What’s not

UberSocial, in spite of all its great features, is not enough for social enthusiasts . The app lacks features such as scheduling tweets, sharing tweets with other apps, day and night modes for the interface, etc.


Robird is a user-friendly and powerful Twitter client that offers an interactive interface with support for both smartphones and tablets. Robird has a blazing-fast timeline and supports uploading & previewing multiple images.

It also supports background auto-refresh and real-time streaming of timelines and direct messages. It also allows posting more than 140 character tweets using the TwitLonger service like UberSocial.

What’s hot

Allows muting tweets, hashtags and users. Offers home screen widget for viewing tweets. Supports showing notifications on Pebble smartwatch.

What’s not

Robird, in spite of all the sweet features, does lack at some places . For example, the app doesn’t allow you to schedule messages, switch skin with multiple color schemes, login using multiple Twitter accounts and many more.

That’s all folks about the best free Twitter clients for Android. Do you know some other Twitter client worth mentioning here? Don’t forget to tell us using the comments section below.